Live Streaming & Virtual Events


Do you need Live Streaming? We have proudly live streamed and produced numerous Virtuel Events, presentations, live concerts, competitions, and much more. We aim to provide the highest production value for you and your audience.

Our team services numerous Fortune 500 clients. Additionally, we provde livestream services globally. Our expert team can manage your virtual event anywhere in the world.

Ready to book? Call us for a free quote: (832) 598-4123

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Our industry leading equipment lets us record your content in 4K and simultaneously livestream in HD. With LP, you dont have to sacrifice video quality when livestreaming!

In order to provide the best multi-camera video mixing, we designed our entire production setup around the Blackmagc Design suite of video mixing hardware. This all operates over the 3G-SDI video standard which allows us to easily place cameras and video displays up to 300 feet away.


Here at Lerner Productions, we know that stability is key to a successful live stream. We have streamed numerous conferences, lectures, concerts, and more. All of our gear is throroughly tested and prepared to provide your event with a stable and lag free livestream. We even offer optional LTE and UPS battery backup fail over features to make sure that you stay live no matter what.

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Virtual Gala Event

Graduation Excerpt

Concert Livestreaming Excerpt

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